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The Best Tech Gifts for Kids

The Best Tech Gifts for Kids

Technology makes toys way more interesting! But, the best tech gifts for kids aren’t merely just flashy gadgets. Instead, they are toys which encourage your techie child to explore, invent, and create. There are an incredible number of toys labeled “tech” when you do a search on Amazon. From R/C cars that you can program to mechanical robots and programmable dolls, I’ve sorted through them all to create a list of the best tech gifts for kids.


  • Mini Drone for Kids: Drones are popular gifts but most are great for kids. This cool drone is especially designed for beginners, with simple controls and headless mode to make far flights easier to manage.
  • Vtech KidiZoom Smartwatch: Your kid will love having this cool piece of tech on their wrist. With two cameras for videos and selfies, a digital clock face, and a variety of games, this kid-friendly smart watch will keep your tech-loving kid busy for hours.
  • Gravitrax: This fun STEM toy lets your kids build their own interactive track system to create unique race tracks while they experiment with gravity, magnetism, and kinetics. And with more than 100 pieces, your kids can build hundreds of different tracks as they play.
  • Elenco Teach Tech Mech 5: What kid wouldn’t want the chance to build their own soccer partner? With this cool robot kit, they can create a robot that can throw, lift, kick, and draw by simply snapping the coding buttons onto the robot’s coding wheel.
  • Osmo Genius Kit: Bring technology to your child’s fingertips with Osmo Genius Kit. It’s available for iPad or Kindle. With several Osmo Add-Ons, there are endless ways to play with this toy. Designed for kids ages 6 to 10, this fun game helps children improve their problem solving skills, practice early physics, learn creative drawing skills, and learn letters, spelling, and vocabulary.
  • Wonder Workshop Dash Robot: This cute robot is more than just a fun toy. It also helps your kids learn coding by giving the robot various voice commands. Use Dash in conjunction with apps to bring him to life! Perfect for kids ages 6 and up.
  • Wonder Workshop Launcher for Dash Robot: Turn Dash into a sling shot with this add-on launcher! This fun accessory kit comes with a launcher, projectiles and stacking targets to turn their Dash Robot into a fun aiming game. Your kids can even use their Legos to create more elaborate obstacle courses because the targets are compatible with the popular bricks.
  • Nintendo Switch: The gamer in your life will love the Nintendo Switch. Technology has made some incredible video games. Here are a few educational video games available for the Nintendo Switch which will make you feel a little better about how they are spending their screen time.
  • Kids Amazon Fire Tablet: Put technology in their hands with this kids tablet from Amazon. And when you purchase an Amazon Kindle Fire, you get one year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited for free! Choose from more than 20,000 educational apps to play, books to read, and videos to watch.
  • Puro Sound Labs, Kids Volume Limiting Bluetooth Wireless Headphones: Give your child headphones that won’t damage their hearing! Puro Sound Labs has created comfortable headphones with 85 dB volume control. You can rest easy knowing your child won’t be blowing their ear drums out while listening to their favorite music, movie, or podcast with these headphones.
  • Smart Globe: This interactive globe works with your smart device to bring the world to life in your living room. Along with providing your kids with fun facts, this cool globe also includes more than 4,000 information pieces and 25 different educational games.
  • Think and Learn Code-a-Pillar: Now toddlers and preschoolers can start learning how to code with this adorable code-a-pillar! The eight easy-to-connect pieces feature directional commands, letting your toddler code the caterpillar’s path as it moves.
  • Ozobot Bit Coding Robot: Ozobot is the perfect pocket-sized, basic bot for building early STEAM skills. The kit arrives assembled so kids are ready to code in two ways. This is one tech gift they’ll be playing with by the time breakfast is on the table Christmas morning!
  • Geckobot Wall Climbing Robot: Build your very own robot that can climb the walls… literally! This geckobot gives kids an exciting hands-on experience with six different robotic models and a full-color manual and experiment guide featuring detailed, step-by-step instructions.
  • DIY Starter Robot Builder Kit: You can build two robots with this kit, a robot tank, or a three-wheeled robot car, giving your kids a chance to practice their engineering skills. And this cool STEM toy also requires some graphical programming, which is a great skill to learn.
  • BB-9E App-Enabled Droid: With authentic movement and holographic simulation, this amazing droid will make your kid feel like they’re a part of the Star Wars world. Whether they view films from the Star Wars movies or use character specific commands to interact with the Droid, they’re sure to have a blast playing with this cool robot.
  • Sphero SPRK Robot: With programmable lights and sensors, as well as waterproof and scratchproof protections, this robot is perfect for the newbie or seasoned programmer. In addition to being easy to code and create, this STEM toy will provide hours of fun for your tech-loving kid.
  • MeccaSpider Robot Kit: Encourage scientific exploration and a love of engineering in your kids with this fun robot kit. After you build this spider, program it to play games! Parents might want to join in the fun on this one.
  • Meccano-Erector M.A.X Robotic Interactive Toy: On top of being fun to build, this cool robot is also interactive! He can be programmed, but he also has artificial intelligence to share. With built-in sensors and smart wheels, this fun robot can tackle any obstacles your kids throw at him.
  • Cozmo: If you’re looking for a fun git that’s perfect for beginner programmers, you’ll love Cozmo. This little robot is known for his personality. The more you train him and spend time with him, the more you will see his mischievous side.
  • View-Master Virtual Reality Viewers for Kids: Classic View-Master on steroids! The Virtual Reality View-Master literally places you in the middle of the “photosphere” and gives you a 360 degree view of the image you’re exploring. It’s the perfect introduction to virtual reality for young children.
  • Tin Can Robot: You can make a robot or a monster by recycling a soda can. This is a great starter idea for the novice techie and one of the most inexpensive robots you can purchase!
  • MiP Toy Robot: Easily connect this toy robot with your smart phone or tablet and instantly control it with swipes, claps, and touch. With a few gestures, this robot will interact with you and your requests.
  • Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels: This is a fun alarm clock for the kid who struggles to wake up in the morning. This alarm clock on wheels literally gets you out of bed in a chase to turn it off.
  • Play-Doh Touch Shape to Life Studio: Play-Doh is a classic analog toy. But with this fun virtual add-on you can transform it into a technology driven activity. Turn your tabletop into a studio and watch your own Play-Doh creations come to life inside your virtual world!
  • Robot Turtle Game: Coding can get complicated and confusing if your little one doesn’t understand the basics before they start. Although this is a board game, it is a great way to introduce young kids to programming.
  • Bluelounge Cableyoyo – Earbud Cable Management: Put an end to lost or damaged earbuds with Bluelounge Cableyoyo. The magnetic center grasps and holds earbuds, keeping them from tangling. The slim design packs easily into a small spot in any backpack or even your pocket.
  • Hearing Things Game: Every tech gift list needs to have a fun gift idea on it. And, the Hearing Things Game is just that. This is a game everyone will love. In a world where we are plugged in, headphones on all the time, this game will see who can read lips the best.
  • Snap Circuits Lights Electronics Discovery Kit: With 175 projects, kids can make real life functioning objects. This hands-on introduction to electronics is perfect for young kids who are interested in learning the basics of circuitry. They can even utilize their cell phones and tablets for even more tech creations.
  • Squishy Circuits: Use soft clay to complete circuits that turn on lights and make buzzers sound. Your kids will love to see their creations come to love as the LED lights brighten and the buzzers make noise.
  • Inventions Kit: You can build a flashlight, motor, and more with this kit that is full of great inventions. And with detailed step-by-step instructions, your kids will have a blast turning everyday materials into cool new inventions.
  • Snap Circuits R/C Snap Rover Electronics Discovery Kit: Here is a tech gift for kids that combines two really fun toys: an R/C car and snap circuits! Create your own rovers and run up to three different rovers with the multi-function wireless remote control.
  • Solar Rover Kit: Transform an empty soda can into a solar-powered car, then use the power of the sun to put this rover on the move. This kit comes with everything your kids will need to make their very own rover.
  • Laser Pegs Building Kits: Step up your building blocks game with this Laser Pegs series. Not only do these building blocks light up, but they work together with other major brand building blocks and toys, which make them the perfect addition.
  • Tech Touch Lightning McQueen: This large-scale motorized Lightning McQueen features a full-color touchscreen interface and working headlights and tail lights. This fun tech toy gives your kids a chance to program this famous race car to follow along custom race tracks!
  • R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid: This droid will bring Star Wars to life for the most passionate fan. Among some of the amazing features are his holographic abilities, integrated speakers, and LED lights.
  • LEGO® Boost Creative Toolbox Building Kit: This robot combines the fun of LEGO® with technology to bring you one of the most wished for toys this Christmas season. This big kit comes with more than 800 pieces that can be rebuilt into five different multifunctional models.
  • Miposaur: Get this dinosaur to dance, chase, and even feed with his track ball. Simply use hand gesture commands to play with this robot dinosaur, which has evolving intelligence for progressive play.
  • MiP Toy Robot: Easily connect this toy robot with your smart devices, then start playing! With a few gestures, this robot will interact with you and your requests.
  • Polaroid 3D Draw Pen: The Polaroid Draw 3D printing pen is a versatile tool for young artists. They’ll create projects that come to life and literally jump off the page!
  • Green Science Dynamo Torch: Make your own power with a toy motor generator and watch the light bulb light up with this cool tech kit. The kit includes a simple toy motor, gears, and an LED light bulb – everything your kid will need to create a fun science experiment at home.
  • Green Rocket: Use recycled materials and air pressure to make rockets and launch them high up into the air. All you need is an empty soda bottle, paper, and this it to launch your own rocket up to 80 feet in the air.
  • Metal Detector Robot: With this unique robot kit, your kid can build a robot that can detect metal hidden beneath the surface! That means in addition to improving their engineering skills, they’ll also be able to hunt for buried treasure with their robot creation.
  • Jimu Robot Tankbot: This comprehensive robot kit comes with everything your child will need to create a tankbot robot or even create their very own robot design. After it’s built, this clever robot can be controlled with a joystick and programmed with an iOS or Android app.
  • Ozobot: Don’t let the size of this robot fool you. He’s one smart little fellow. This mini robot arrives assembled, so he’s ready for your child to immediately start coding using the screen-free markers.
  • Makey Makey: Turn items around you into touchpads! How clever! Pick up this Makey Makey Book where kids can get even more ideas on how to use their Makey Makey device.
  • Star Wars Droid Invention Kit: This kit claims that no adults are required… making this the perfect gift for anyone who is becoming, or has become, independent in their young years. The complete droid kit includes droid parts, electronic blocks, and information on the free compatible app, which includes more than 20 missions that teach the droid new skills.
  • Anker PowerCore 10000 Portable Charger: With all their new tech, your kids are going to need a way to keep everything charged. This portable charger offers high speed charging when you need it. The Anker PowerCore 10000 is reliable, safe, and powerful.
  • JBL Clip-On Wireless Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker: Let’s be honest, we don’t want our kids to have headphones on all the time. We want to encourage them to free those ears! And, this JBL Clip-On Wireless Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker is just the device to help them do so. Not to mention, it will give you a chance to listen to their current favorite music with them.

Remember the best tech toys for kids will help them explore, learn, brainstorm, discover, and create. They won’t cause kids to simply zone out while the toy mindlessly entertains them.

What are your favorite tech gifts for kids? Add them to our list by posting your must-haves in the comments!

The Best Tech Gifts for Kids

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