Technology Friday – Responding to Unkindness

It’s Technology Friday! This week we’ll look at the new update from Instagram. And let’s talk about responding to unkindness, shall we? I’ll be honest, there’s lots of it online right now. And, I’m seeing some pretty harsh words from adults….parents. This week we’ll watch a video of how one girl responds to unkind words. Let’s make that our family talking point this weekend.

Instagram_UpdateInstagram rolled out another update this week. Now all videos will roll with a continuous loop, similar to how videos loop on Vine. Before this update, videos on Instagram played once and then stopped. Users also had the ability to start and pause them.

It’s now easier to share your favorite videos with others. Instagram users will most likely notice their videos now getting more views. This is great news for brands who want to leverage the power of social media for advertising. Some users may find this new continuous looping feature a bit annoying, but it’s easy to watch once and swipe on down your feed to stop the video. Or, just swipe along if you’re not interested in the video at all.

tech_unkindessHow do we respond to someone who has been unkind to us?

Sometimes unkindness breeds unkindness. Lately, the internet has been filled with many unkind responses. Adults are arguing over Super Bowl ads, vaccines, movies, and parenting methods. To be honest, virtually every social media platform feels a bit hostile lately.

I love this story of how one girl changed the atmosphere in her school.


How can we apply this same idea to our online interactions?
This weekend, take time to talk to your kids about this.
Have they seen unkind responses online?
Have they been the recipient of unkind remarks?
Did they watch this and realize they made comments to others that were unkind?
We are more connected now than ever. Are we using technology to encourage just one person each day?

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