Using Pinterest to Plan Your Wedding

Using Pinterest to Plan Your Wedding

Using Pinterest to plan your wedding is easy, free, and fun! But there is just so much available. How do you get started?

First, you want to know your wedding budget. It’s easy to jump right to Pinterest to plan your wedding, only to realize your ideas far exceed your budget. So, start with your wedding budget. It will give you some guidance as you begin searching Pinterest for wedding ideas.

Here are simple tips you can use when Pinterest plays a role in your wedding planning.

Using Pinterest to Plan Your Wedding

Finding That Perfect Wedding Dress Using Pinterest

While you’re sure to try on many wedding dresses anyway, getting ideas on Pinterest and drawing inspiration from them certainly narrows down your search considerably. It’s much easier to start by visualizing your ideas through Pinterest pins rather than just relying on what catches your eye in the store or whatever’s trendy at that moment.

Pinterest certainly has many pins featuring trendy wedding dresses. But there are plenty of unique dress ideas to draw from on the site, too. Having these pins as visual aids helps speed up the selection process. Many of these pins link to catalogues where you can buy the dress as well, if you find one you really like. This is one area where using Pinterest to plan your wedding can really come in handy.

Choosing Bridesmaids Dresses Using Pinterest

Once you’ve settled on a wedding dress, you can turn back to Pinterest to find the perfect complementary dresses for the bridesmaids. Simply link them to the pins you like. It’s even easier if you can create a group board for that purpose that all your bridesmaids can follow. This way, your bridesmaids can pin dress styles they like as well for even more ideas. Make the process fun by having the one with the most likes be the chosen dress or a similar decision contest.

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How to Choose Flowers and Other Wedding Decorations Using Pinterest

Once the major wedding pieces such as the dresses are decided, you can then turn back to Pinterest to choose the wedding decorations, such as flowers. Be sure to get your partner’s input on the pins you choose to save. After all, you want a wedding you’ll both love.

There are tons of DIY ideas for items like wedding guest favors and signs to make your wedding day special and unique. And, using Pinterest gives you the ability to enlist the help and support of friends and family who might not live close by. It’s a great way to share your ideas with those who want to help make your wedding day truly special. Remember: many hands make light work.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Cake on Pinterest

Many people these days are using Pinterest to plan a wedding. And, gathering ideas for your wedding cake and other wedding menu items is one of the most popular ways to do this. You can find unique cake ideas and fun ideas for those looking for a non-traditional wedding dessert option. You can even find a cake decorator in an area by searching the location on Pinterest, as well as looking at other weddings in the area.

Choosing the Perfect Menu for Your Wedding on Pinterest

Pinterest has long been the place to go for food ideas. When it comes to finding the perfect menu for your wedding, Pinterest is a treasure trove of ideas. And, you will not be disappointed when it comes to presentation. There are ideas to fit every wedding theme, from elegant to backyard fun.

Make sure you have plenty of help enlisted if you plan to do the food for your wedding. Or, find a fun idea and enlist a local caterer.

Remember, Pinterest can’t set the budget for your wedding. So, begin with your wedding budget. Then use Pinterest to help you find ideas to plan your wedding within your budget.

Happy Wedding Pinning!

Using Pinterest to Plan Your Wedding

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