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Taffy is a dating app which attempts to address the focus on appearance that early dating apps, like Tinder, created with the “swipe” technology. With Taffy, users see a blurry profile. They see a catchy phrase and some basic profile information.

A person’s profile image is revealed slowly as users exchange messages. The more you chat with a person, the more clearly you see their profile. It’s Taffy’s way of creating a dating app which keeps the focus on personality and not just a user’s physical features.

dating app TaffyTaffy

Age: 18+
In-App Purchases: No
Contains Ads: Yes


The terms for using Taffy are ages 18 and up. However, I want to note both the iOS and Android stores have the app rated for ages 17 and up. The rating of 17+ comes from the iOS and Google Play stores. It’s somewhat confusing for teens who are 17. They download the app and then realize Taffy’s Terms of Service don’t allow them to use the app.

The older version of Taffy required you to create an account with Taffy using your Facebook account. And, you were required to sign into Taffy using your Facebook account. Using Facebook to create your account on Taffy means that Taffy gathers information from your Facebook profile, including Facebook friends you might have in common with other Taffy users.

Taffy has now added an option to create an account using your email.

As with most dating apps, Taffy is location-based. A common complaint in reviews is a lack of other users in a given location using Taffy.

Taffy is a dating app, but it’s post-driven and not profile-driven. What does that mean? Well, most dating apps are profile-driven. You create an account and search for other user profiles that you feel are a match or connection for you. With Taffy, users can create posts in a variety of categories.

So, a user on Taffy can create a post in the dating category. But they can also create a post in the “Friends” or “Advice” category if they are looking for a friend to hang out with or are looking for advice on a situation. This gives more opportunities for connection on Taffy.

What Teens Say

Taffy’s rating in the app store of 17+ gives teens the impression Taffy is a dating app for teens. It’s not and Taffy has clearly stated it’s not for users under 18 years old. But unless your teen reads Taffy’s terms of service, they won’t know this initially.

Taffy is also appealing to teens who are looking for a dating app that isn’t all about looks.

Dating App Taffy Age and Reviews

What Parents Need to Know

Taffy isn’t a dating app for teens. The terms clearly state the app is for users 18+. Be sure your teen understands they need to read the terms of service for the apps they download. The ratings given for apps in the Apple and Google Play stores are guidelines by Apple and Google. They are suggestions like ratings for movies and music.

Be sure your young adults understand why it’s not a good idea to use Facebook or other social media apps for signing into other accounts like Taffy. It increases their risk of a data breech. And, it’s Taffy using Facebook to log in, not the individual. Taffy then gathers information from your Facebook profile to manage your account at Taffy.

Taffy is available for both iOS and Android devices.


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What No One Tells Parents About the Dating App Taffy

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