What the Loot – Part 2

What the Loot-Part 2Today Kaleb and I continue our discussion of loot boxes in video games. We’re looking more into the concern that loot boxes can be a risk for kids to dive into gambling. Is it a real risk? Should parents be concerned? Join us for this episode of Tech Talk for Parents as we discuss kids, loot boxes, and gambling addiction.

When Kaleb and I sat down to record  What the Loot!, we knew it would be a packed episode. And we quickly realized we needed to do a 2-part podcast to cover everything appropriately. So today, we are going to continue to focus on some of the issues parents might want to keep in mind when it comes to loot boxes. Parents, you have the chance to make a difference when it comes to microtransactions in games marketed to kids. The rise of digital technology brings with it a whole new set of questions when it comes to ethics. Typically, when an industry grows, we look for it to put checks and balances in place. As a society we hope that industry response to the input from the masses and adjusts when problems arise. As parents, you can offer feedback to game developers. Let them know what safety measures you need to be put in place so you can parent responsibly. Let your state and national representatives know when changes need to be made to ensure the safety, health, and privacy of your child/family are protected.

Kaleb and I are not attempting to created undue fear when it comes to loot boxes and kids. But, rather to offer insight  on how loot boxes work so you are armed with information to help you parent effectively.

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Today’s Guest: Kaleb Nieman

Kaleb is a 2019 graduate from the University of North Dakota.  Working for the family business by day, and gaming by night; Kaleb games when he is not working.  His favorite genre of game is the city builder, but he enjoys anything he can play with friends.  He helps his friend from college run an online gaming community of 250 members from around the world.  When he is not gaming, Kaleb works on airplane models and reads history books.  A passion for stories and digital media is the force that drives Kaleb towards games each evening.

Here are a few things Kaleb and I discussed in What the Loot-Part 2

  1. How does Virtual Currency Work?
  2. What is a Loot Box?
  3. What is a Microtransaction?
  4. What are reports showing when it comes to online gaming and gambling when it comes to kids?
  5. What is Steam Marketplace?

I hope Kaleb’s suggestions gave you some thoughts and discussion points for your family to consider as you format some guidelines for video gaming with your kids. Be sure to check out the links and resources below for the show.

Tech Talk for Parents Episode 4 Show Links and Resources

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