What the Loot!

What the Loot-Tech Talk for Parents-Seasion 1 Episode 3

Today we are diving into the world of gaming and talking about loot boxes. These micro-transactions have made their way into many popular video games. And there are concerns that some game developers are more worried about making money and less worried about the possible effects loot boxes are having on our kids. If your kids love video games, you will want to join Kaleb and I as we talk about Loot Boxes in this episode of Tech Talk for Parents.


In the realm of technology, gaming is hands down the one faucet where my fascination out weights my ability. It makes sense. I’m a Pac Man era girl. That’s why I love tapping into my son, Kaleb. He not only loves gaming; he can play well. So, I was thrilled when he came to me with an idea for an article on Loot Boxes. I had already planned to launch an All Gaming focus in July. And we decided this topic was so important we rolled it into a podcast as well. I crashed Kaleb’s apartment to record this. So, join us at his kitchen table as we chat about what parents need to know about loot boxes in games.


Kaleb Nieman BIOToday’s Guest: Kaleb Nieman

Kaleb is a 2019 graduate from the University of North Dakota.  Working for the family business by day, and gaming by night; Kaleb games when he is not working.  His favorite genre of game is the city builder, but he enjoys anything he can play with friends.  He helps his friend from college run an online gaming community of 250 members from around the world.  When he is not gaming, Kaleb works on airplane models and reads history books.  A passion for stories and digital media is the force that drives Kaleb towards games each evening.


Here are a few things Kaleb and I discussed as we talked about Video Games and Loot

  1. What is loot?
  2. Why and when did loot begin showing up in video games?
  3. Gambling and Loot-Is there a Connection?

I hope Kaleb’s suggestions gave you some thoughts and discussion points for your family to consider as you format some guidelines for video gaming with your kids. Be sure to check out the links and resources below for the show.

Tech Talk for Parents Episode 3 Show Links and Resources

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