How to Work and Homeschool

Mom Working From Home

Session Description

For so long we’ve been told homeschooling is a full-time job. For years we've been told working and homeschooing can't be done. Or, at least done well. But, what if you’re called to homeschool and you’re a single parent? Or, a single income isn’t an option for your family? Does this mean you can’t homeschool? Join Leah in her session and learn how she slowly broke the stereotypical role when she began working while homeschooling her 2 kids, all with the loving support and encouragement of her family. She’ll share tips for making it work. Leah shares the ups and downs of her journey as she learned there is no perfect homeschool mom or perfect homeschool method. The homeschool life is all about loving unconditionally, and learning together as a family.

This session can be book for an in person event. Or, it can be booked for a virtual event or conference!

Private Consultation

Looking for one on one mentoring as you begin working and homeschooling? I offer customized consultation. In your session we can discuss specific concerns or issues you are facing. And, go over strategies that provide solutions to your specific needs.

What past event attendees and organizers have said:

Leah was a wonderful presenter! I attended a three hour seminar and the time flew by. It was really a privilege to listen to an expert who seamlessly bridges professionalism and accessibility.

Erica Bakker



Leah is a very kind and professional speaker who offers so much knowledge and wisdom during her sessions. We were honored to recently have her speak at our moms group and we will definitely be asking her to speak for us again!

Bethany Ruhl


I loved that Leah jumped right in with tips to help you manage working and homeschooling. She gave great tips on how to better manage your time.

2019 Convention Attendee